I believe in the natural beauty of this amazing world.

I believe in pure natural ingredients.

I believe in love.

Love our world, love our skin and love each other.




I started XO ORGANICS company to bring the natural goodness to all homes.  


XO SKINCARE products are made in a safe laboratory to ensure safety measures are met.  All XO skincare products have had safety assessments and are EU regulated. 


Made in small batches exclusively with organic and natural ingredients and lots of love!


XO AROMATHERAPY HOME PRODUCTS are handmade using natural ingredients and organic essential oils.


XO ROCKS JEWELLERY is designed to give energy and healing benefits.




Born and raised in Canada I came to Holland after studying in England and working in Hong Kong.  

I am married and the very proud mother of three amazing boys. 

For my zen (and inspiration) moments you will often find me on the beach or in the forest walking my Rhodesian Ridgeback.

My surroundings have inspired me.

XO is located in the beautiful area between Schoorl and Bergen, North Holland.


Heidi xo