Citric acid is used as a chelator. It can also be used to manipulate the ph level of a formulation, helping to increase stability and aiding in preservation.


Coco glucoside is a natural non-ionic surfactant that can be used as a foaming agent, conditioner or emulsifier. Derived from coconut and fruit sugars. It is completely biodegradable and contains no lauryl sulphates, laureth sulphates, parabens, formaldehyde or diethanolamides.


Emulsifying wax is used to bind oil and water. It improves the consistency and texture of products without leaving a greasy film on the outer skin after application. It acts as a mild stabilizer and thickener .


Glycerine is a natural humectant and lubricant. It boosts skin elasticity and contains anti bacterial and softening properties.


Potassium cocoate is made from organic coconut oil it is a potassium salt that originates from the fatty acids present in coconut oil.  Potassium cocoate is a natural surfactant, a chemical that removes dirt from the skin when you mix it with water.


Potassium citrate it is a potassium salt of citric acid. Used as a buffering agent, chelating agent and ph adjuster.


Phenoxyethanol is a preservative. Required in products which contain water to prevent mould growth.


Retinol comes from vitamin A which is found in apricot oil, avacado oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. I do not use synthetic retinol.

Silk peptides are a highly purified grade of natural silk power, processed in such a way as to retain the original physical structure and chemical composition of silk. It has the unusual quality of holding and releasing moisture depending on the temperature and humidity of the surroundings.


Stearic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in cocoa and shea butters. It is a powerful emulsifier that gives a protective layer over the hair and skin, helping to prevent damage from free radicals, and other environmental factors such as harsh cold, wind and sun.


Xanthan gum is naturally derived from sugars. It is a thickener and texture enhancer that also has ability to stabilize emulsions. Xanthan gum is incredibly soft on the skin and acts as a mild natural humectant.


Zinc oxide comes from mineral rock and is a wonderful colouring agent that leaves cosmetics with a pure white colour. This powder can also help protect cosmetic products from deterioration, by either absorbing, scattering or reflecting uv light and not allowing it to pass through the product. Also used for sun protection.